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IMPACT2C was a multi-disciplinary international project, running from 2011 to 2015. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 282746.


The photo credits are sorted by story and topic

Story Topic Picture
Climate   Fotolia / Jeff Metzger
  Overview Fotolia / mmac72
Temperature Swantje Preuschmann
Precipitaion iStock / KingWu
Extreme Precipitation iStock/ Mac99
Evapotranspiration fotolia / chris74
Summer Heat Waves Fotolia / stockpics
Freeze-Thaw Waves iStock / Jonas Velin
Tropical Nights iStock / Guenter Guni
Cold Spell Duration Grigory Nikulin (SMHI)
Snow Season Length Oskar Landgren
Thermal Growing Season Length Fotolia / Richard Villalon
Energy Sector   Fotolia / Imaginis
Solar Photovoltaics Potential Isabelle Tobin
Gross Hydropower Potential iStock / compucow
Wind Energy Potential Isabelle Tobin
Mean Water Temperature Swantje Preuschmann
Electricity Demand; pixabay / succo
Health   Fotolia / Gina Sanders
Particulate Matter Pollution Fotolia / Markus Gössing
Ozone Pollution Fotolia / Raimundas
Heat Mortality Fotolia / fovito
Agriculture, Forest and Ecosystems   Fotolia / Gudellaphoto
Crop Yields - Irrigated iStock / Kevin Miller
Crop Yields - Rainfed Isabelle Tobin
Soil Organic Carbon iStock / africa924
Forest Production Fotolia / Michael Neuhauß
Agricultural Adaptive Capacity Fotolia / Margarita Borodina
Forestry Sector Adaptive Capacity Fotolia / Blumenkind
Ecosystem Services Adaptive Capacity Fotolia / Papirazzi
Forest Fire Vulnerability Fotolia / RW-Design
Net Primary Production Vulnerability Fotolia / Alexander Wurditsch
Net Biome Production Vulnerability iStock / Josef Friedhuber
Barley Vulnerability Fotolia / olly
Maize Vulnerabilty Fotolia / JWS
Rapeseed Vulnerability Fotolia / F. Seidel
Wheat Vulnerability Fotolia / Alexey Stiop
Cropland Supply - with Adaptaion fotolia_3219029_ c f.seidel
European agricutural production Fotolia / Wolfgang Jargstorff
Water Supply   Fotolia / pressurepics
Extreme Floods Fotolia / Martina Topf
Extreme Streamflow Droughts iStock / neotakezo
River Runoff iStock / Bartosz Hadyniak
Tourism   Fotolia / paylessimages
Winter Tourism Demand iStock / thelinke
Summer Tourism June to August Swantje Preuschmann
Summer Tourism May to October Swantje Preuschmann
Overnight Stays Risk May to October Fotolia / Manfred Steinbach
Overnight Stays Risk June to August Fotolia / dan talson
Coastal Issues   iStock / ferdinandas
Annual Sea Flood Costs iStock / PKM1
Annual Sea Dike Costs Sally Brown
Planning for Coastal Floods in Port Cities

Fotolia / Flying-Tiger

Hotspots of Exposure   Fotolia / Franz Pfluegl
Non European Hotspots   Fotolia / Argus
Bangladesh iStock / pastorscott
Rainfall in Bangladesh Fotolia / Demydenko Mykhailo
Warming in Bangladesh

iStock / Marina_Ph

Land and Sea Level in Bangladesh

Fotolia / Bart Kwieciszewski

Africa iStock / ajsn
Rainfall in West Africa iStock / ollirg
Rainfall in East Africa iStock / pjmalsbury
Warming in West Africa iStock / MShep2
Warming in East Africa Fotolia / Anton Prado PHOTO
The Maldives Fotolia / Ismail Hazmath
Social Change and Sea-Level Rise in the Maldives

Sally Brown

Rainfall in the Maldives Laurens Speelman
Warming in the Maldives Sally Brown